Gold Medal Fishing in the Upper Rio Grande

The Upper Rio Grande, Teeming with Life

The Upper Rio Grande Watershed offers some of the best fishing in Colorado and beyond. The Rio Grande Club is located along the banks of the Rio Grande, with fishing access to more than a mile of private waters available for club members and visitors who opt for certain stay and play packages. 
The nearby town of South Fork is nestled snugly at the confluence of the South Fork and Rio Grande rivers, offering up the longest stretch of Gold Medal waters in the state. Nearly 20 miles of the Rio Grande has Gold Medal designation from the Colorado Division of Wildlife, which means the highest quality aquatic habitat in Colorado and the best chances for catching trophy trout. Gold Medal waters support reccreational fishing by keeping fish in the water so they can grow to a larger size. 
The Rio Grande begins in apline meadows above Creede and descends into South Fork before flowing eastward toward Del Norte and the San Luis Valley floor. Within this stretch lies one of the most underdeveloped, pristine rivers in the Southwest. Both rainbows and browns abound, with many tributaties flowing into the Rio Grande along the way. Other wildlife along the river include Mule Deer, Elk, Moose, bobcat, mountain lion and coyotes. The Rio Grande Watershed and San Luis Valley are also along bird migration routes and, therefore, rich in birdlife, including waterfowl, songbirds and raptors.
Besides the two rivers, there are copious creeks, lakes and reservoirs offering year-round fishing opportunities. Brown and rainbow trout are abundant from the Rio Grande Reservoir all the way southeast to Del Norte. The section of water between South Fork and Del Norte is especially rich in trophy browns, and the Rio Grande Club's private waters are along this plentiful stretch. Float trips down the Rio Grande from Creede to the club's Fishing Lodge are popular among members--for enjoyment, wildlife watching and Gold Medal fishing. 
Club waters are 100 percent barbless, fly fishing and catch and realease only. Fishing licenses are required.